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Grand Rapids, Mich (KFK) --You've heard it said in the media business, content is king. It's difficult weighing through the massive amounts of content, especially Christian radio stations. New programming is being produced every day. Some of it's good. Some of it's not so good. The question is, how do you pick the right programs that'll reach your audience and make a different in their spiritual walk.

This post is obviously self serving. It's a post about two new broadcasts we're producing at Keys for Kids Ministries that we believe with be tools you can use to make an eternal difference in the lives and kids, their parents and grandparents.

Radio listeners love your radio station because they love your music, but more importantly, you met their needs. You're a friend talking and sharing with friends. The last thing listens want is some expert talking down to them from their ivory tower. That's not what Keys for Kids is doing. We have every day people -- friends -- helping friends. 

Our first broadcast is called Parent Minute with Greg Yoder. It's a parent (me) who's made lots of mistakes (some successes, too) talking to parents who've also made mistakes, talking about issues facing today's young people.

It's hard being a parent today. On Parent Minute, I talk about issues like: kids driving us crazy, daughters wanting to wear questionable fashions,  music, loud families, social issues and more. The great part is it's designed to be interactive. I'm asking your listeners to join in and be a part of  the conversation on Facebook or our website. I'd like them to tell us about their successes and failures, too. It's iron sharpening iron. 

Our second broadcast is called Keys for Kids 60. It's for kids and the kids at heart. While it's similar to our Keys for Kids with Uncle Charlie, it's now only 60 seconds and features someone new. His name is Zach. He tells relevant and interesting stories with a biblical message that kids not only listen to, but they're telling their friends about it. Kids tell us Zach is like my camp counselor, or a trusted youth leader, who's pointing us to Christ every day. 

Keys for Kids Ministries is looking for Christian radio stations willing to air these programs -- not to grow our radio network -- but to give Christians the tools they need to be relevant in our culture.  

You can sign up to download these features at our website: When you get there, you'll need to register and get logged in. Once you're in you can then download any of our releases.  

I'll be at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, TN February 23-26, 2015. I'd love to meet with you to talk about ways we can help you reach an audience that desperately is looking for truth in a way that's easy to related to. Get Parent Minute with Greg Yoder and Keys for Kids 60.

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