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Storytellers Are Now a Reality
Grand Rapids, Mich (K4K) -- The fact is kids need Jesus. As followers of Christ, we know that. The question is what is the best way to reach them. The reality is there isn’t ONE way, there are lots of ways. At Keys for Kids Ministries we have a new and exciting way of seeing the hearts and lives of kids changed f...
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Texas Family Gives Back
Texas (K4K) -- John says, “When we were having kids, trying to stay out of debt, and trying to have my wife stay at home, we really didn’t have the money to buy anything above and beyond what our needs were. So getting [Keys for Kids] was really beneficial to us.” Nancy adds, “It was so preci...
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Keys for Camps Launched at CCCA
Nashville, Tenn. (K4K) -- On November 29-30, 2016 at the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) National Conference, Keys for Kids Ministries (formerly Children’s Bible Hour) officially made Keys for Camps available to all camps around the country. "I've never seen this kind of response to a ne...
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Building a Bright Future on a Strong Foundation
Hudsonville, MI—As in every ministry with nearly 75 years of amazing history, it's hard not to look back and think of the good ol' days. While it's certainly important to honor those who came before us, the challenge is to not look back too long, neglecting the present and being unprepared for the future.  ...
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What have we done in a year?
Grand Rapids, Mich (K4K) – One year ago today, I started on a journey that I wasn’t sure about. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to come to Keys for Kids Ministries. But, let's face it, it's not the expected path for a missions-minded veteran journalist, is it?   A little backstory on my...
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Grant to help reach kids through technology
We received this message from Judi and Steve a few days ago. "We are a Christian family living near Windsor, England and have been using the online daily devotional with our younger two children for some time," the family writes.  "The opportunity arose to ask Samuel (who is aged 10) if he had trusted the Lord an...
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Supporting Keys impacts generations
When Joan Blackmon got involved with Keys for Kids Ministries (formerly Children’s Bible Hour) 25 years ago, the goal was to keep her three children in the Word of God every day. Today, she’s supporting Keys for Kids for the next generation—her grandchildren. Joan ordered Keys for Kids devotionals ...
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Keys for Kids radio reaches kids globally
Kids can call Keys for Kids Radio anytime at 1-800-819-5437 Have you heard of iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify? These music services are allowing people of all ages to play the kind of music they like. But, with today’s music, parents need a safe place for kids. That’s why Keys for Kids Ministries is providing...
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Keys for Kids could reach millions more
Grand Rapids, Mich (KFK) -- In just a few days I will be celebrating eight months in my current roll as executive director at Keys for Kids Ministries. While that's not a lot of time when you consider I had spent 20 years at my previous ministry, it's very little time when you consider all that God is doing at Keys for...
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Grand Rapids, Mich. (KFK) -- All Christians want to raise moral children. There certainly isn't anything wrong with that. We all want our children to know the difference between right and wrong and good and bad. But, are we placing too high a priority on morality and not enough attention on Grace alone, through fa...
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