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Hey, kids! I want to hear from YOU!

In each issue of the Keys for Kids print devotional, I look at a different topic on faith so we can learn about it together. But I need YOU to help me out!


The next issue's topic is on DIFFERENCES. Do you have a question about why God created people to be different and not all the same, or how He wants us to treat others who are different from us? I want to hear it! Ask me your question using the form below, or mail it to me at: 


Hey Zach!

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I'd love to answer your question, and it might even be printed in a future issue of Keys for Kids so other kids can know the answer too! And guess what? Anyone who asks me a question about DIFFERENCES will receive a prize! (Question must relate to the topic of DIFFERENCES described above, and only one prize per person for that issue's topic.)


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