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In each issue of the Keys for Kids print devotional, we look at a different topic and learn about it together. But I need YOU to help me out!


The next issue's topic is on FACING HARD TIMES. We've ALL gone through a hard time this year, haven't we? The coronavirus epidemic has been difficult for all of us, but God can use the difficulties in our lives to help us grow. How has God taken care of you in the midst of COVID-19 or some other difficulty you've faced? Has he used a hard situation to teach you something or help you tell others about Him? If you have any stories or questions about facing hard times, I want to hear them! Use the form below or mail them to me at: 


Hey Zach!

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I'd love to hear your story or answer your question, and it might even be printed in the next issue of Keys for Kids so other kids can learn from it too. And guess what? Anyone who sends in a story or asks me a question will receive a prize! 


Can't wait to hear from you!


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