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Hey, kids! We want to hear from YOU! 

For our next issue of Keys for Kids, we want to hear from kids about God’s Word—the Bible. You can use any of the questions below to share your thoughts.


What are your favorite parts of the Bible?

Why is it important to study God’s Word?

What questions do you have about the Bible? Is there a verse or story you find confusing?

Can you share about a time when God helped you understand something in the Bible?

How has God encouraged or helped you through His Word?

Send us your answers by filling out the form below or mailing them to us at:  

Keys for Kids Ministries
PO Box 1001
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

IMPORTANT! Please send us your answers by November 29, 2017 and include your name and age in your message. Anything you send us may be printed in our quarterly devotional along with your first name and age. While we're not able to respond to every question or message sent to us, we'll address as many as we can in our April/May/June 2018 issue of Keys for Kids!    


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